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Ajay Tokas

05.- 07. Mai 2017

Wir bringen ein Stückchen Mysore zu Euch! Wir freuen uns riesig, dass wir den wunderbaren Ashtanga Yoga Lehrer Ajay Tokas für einen Wochenendworkshop hier bei uns im Allgäu gewinnen konnten! Vom 05.- 07. Mai 2017 habt ihr die außergewöhnliche Gelegenheit von ihm und seiner Frau, Olga Iushkova, zu lernen.

We bring a piece of Mysore to you! We are very happy that the awesome Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Ajay Tokas will teach a weekend-workshop at our place in South-Germany. From 05.-07. Mai 2017 you will have the extraordinary opportunity to study with him and his wife Olga Iuskova.

 Ajay Tokas is a Level 2 authorized Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, having received the formal blessings of his Guru, Shri R. Sharath Jois to teach this yogic art.
Ajay started his yoga journey in 2004 and has been devoted to the Ashtanga Yoga since 2010. Ajay started teaching yoga in Delhi, his home city, in 2010. He then travelled to Siberia and taught yoga there during 2010-12. Ajay has since travelled extensively teaching all over, including China, Indonesia, Turkey, Philippines, Thailand, Russia, Kazakhstan,Europe, to name just a few. Ajay’s teaching is inspired by the integration of strength in the Ashtanga Yoga with the inner experience of spiritual discipline. Ajay believes that with disciplined yoga practice one can open doors to selfrealization.


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Olga Iushkova: Olga had her first class of Ashtanga yoga in Oct'2010 and since then she has been practicing regularly 6 days a week and made her first trip to Mysore in Jan'2013 and practiced under the Guidance of R. Sharath Jois. Olga practices intermediate series and is committed to her annual trips to Mysore to continue her yoga studies. Olga started teaching in 2013 summer & have assisted Ajay in his workshops & taught her own Classes in Delhi and Russia. Olga firmly believes in Ashtanga yoga as a unique & complete practice for selfdevelopment.



All levels are welcome to join!!!


Friday, 05.05.2017:


Morning:  8-11 am - Mysore-Class

Saturday, 06.05.2017:

Morning: 8-11 am - Mysore-Class


Afternoon: 2-4 pm - Workshop: “Jump back Jump through”

Fly or float , straight arms or bent, cross legs or straight, lift up but HOW?

Where to focus, where to get the strength, what to do?

All the answers and more details about the practice, tips and techniques will be found in this workshop. Ajay will teach the elements of strength and how to further improve your movements in jump back and through.
Leading to a gradual progress in balancing on your hands.

Sunday, 07.05.2017:

Morning: 9-11 am - Led-Primary

Afternoon: 2-4 pm - Workshop: “Spine Mobility“

Learn the fundamentals of backbends in a safe and effective way which helps to develop the strength and flexibility of spine. Focusing on dropbacks, opening of the shoulders, correct breathing and movements with maximum awareness which helps the body to reach the full potential of the spine and its health.